Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Little Grey Aliens Probed my Brain But I'm Feeling Much Better Now

It's now 3:33 a.m. & I imagine this to be significant. I've been sick, sick, sick but think I'm finally on the mend, although my voice still sounds eerily like Kathleen Turner's. It's my whiskey voice. Ha.

I wish I had a voice like Nic Sebastian's, who makes my poem, "Coyote" sound downright chilling! Check it out at Whale Sound.


Dreading the holidays. I don't like shopping. People get downright scary sometimes. Wish I could shop exclusively online but this never works out. I wish I had a funky pink Christmas Tree and some homemade fudge. I have this recipe for spiced chai carrot cake that I think will make awesome cupcakes AND will solve the whole ten-pound-bag-of-carrots-endless-carrots-who-wants-some-freaking-carrots problem. Also: I had a dream that my floor was covered with disembodied human ears scuttling about on tiny legs like a zillion centipedes which surely means I've finally gone 'round the bend.


Reading: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Watching: My So-Called Life

Feeling: Phlegmatic


Kathleen said...

Yay for "Coyote"! (Oh, it would sound good in a Kathleen Turner voice, too!)

Yay for the cupcakes. I love the idea of creative cupcakes as Christmas presents. If I were a more confident cook, I might try that!

Yay for My So Called Life. I remember my folks telling me about that when it was on, and later my daughter and I watched it on video. Why, why did it end?!

A woman came into Babbitt's recently in search of Ishiguro.

Sara said...

I love My So-Called Life! Jared Leto is so dreamy...

Feel better soon, Susan!

SarahJane said...

Glad you're on the mend. I loved "Never Let Me Go."

janelle elyse kihlstrom said...

The poem sounds great!
Also a fan of that book and that show... I like everything in this post except the scuttling ears! ;)

Dana said...

But why do you have all those carrots in the first place? Is it so you have something to feed the aliens?

Susan said...

So far the book is really, really good & I cannot put it down.

I agree this show should have lasted longer...It's pretty awesome :)

I think I am feeling better today. This is a good thing. The aliens have been kind & are giving my brain a rest.


Dana, my husband insisted on buying a giant bag of carrots at costco because they were really cheap and "we all like carrots." I could not talk him out of it. I am determined to see all these carrots eaten but it's a ridiculous amount of carrots... I'm pretty sure the cupcakes will be followed by soup. Lots & lots of soup.

Janelle, the scuttling ears were really creepy. Glad you liked the poem!