Sunday, September 5, 2010


Heather Cox interviews me at Ghost Ocean Magazine and I try not to sound too weird.


Today, at Stately Slaviero Manor:

M: Let's watch a movie.

S: Zombies or Cannibals?

M: Does it matter?

S: Does it have to be in English?


I am feeling funky and anxious and all varieties of ick. I want to be kickass for a middle-aged woman yet mostly I am afraid of bees and car accidents and making people angry, which seems rather uncool to me. I dreamed my left hand was a lobster claw, which probably has something to do with arthritis. Next, I will dream that my spine is a broken chainsaw and my brain is a bowl of potato salad. Yeah.

I watched a movie about cannibals tonight and M fell asleep. It was predictable.

At one point Michael Madsen said, "Come tomorrow I'll be gnawing on your bones" and I snickered. No, really.

Why do cannibals always file their teeth into sharp points and wear fur boots in horror movies? Hannibal Lecter is much scarier than mace-carrying savages because the man is civilized (for a cannibal, anyway).

A predictable movie about cannibals. It's true. Maybe I will fare better with the Zombies.

I am celebrating labor day by working. Hopefully, this will be followed by an evening of wine and horror movies, but I'll probably just clean up the mess and fall asleep. Awesome.


janelle elyse kihlstrom said...

Oh, no - don't call yourself a middle-aged woman... I say that because we are probably about the same age! ;)
I hope the zombies turn out better... that would be my choice, between the two...

Susan said...

Okay, I want to be a kickass young-ish and awesome woman, heeheehee.....

Yes. The zombies were a better choice (Dead Snow). Oh, they always are!!!