Monday, December 21, 2009

Things That Bother Me

Okay, so I picked up a cheap paperback thriller somewhere--like Walgreens or whatever--to read on days when I'm feeling brainless.

Anyway, I cracked that puppy open today while waiting in the car to pick up Z from school and the VERY FIRST SENTENCE HAD A COMMA SPLICE.

Okay, I think perhaps author-who-shall-not-be-named (but is raking in big bucks, I'm sure) is making a stylistic choice. Judge not and all that biz.

Flash forward 60 seconds. Two paragraphs down, there is a dependent clause standing alone as a sentence.

Flash forward 20 seconds: ANOTHER dependent clause sits there all by its sad little lonesome.

Umm... don't publishing houses employ editors anymore? No?

I shall be perturbed all day.


Kathleen said...

I sympathize.

I am someone who still uses semi-colons (even in poems) and apostrophes.

Dana said...

I love making fragments their own sentences. Or even making words their own sentences. That I do. That. I. Do.

Susan said...

@Kathleen - I am quite fond of the semi-colon; it's a highly underrated (yet glorious) bit of punctuation.

@Dana - I'm all for the creative use of fragments, but this was something along the lines of: "Who is apparently from San Diego and is fond of fish, at least on every other Sunday." Lame-o. <---Check it out. I do it too.