Sunday, August 17, 2008


Oh, lord! I finally saw Teeth a couple of days ago. Wow.

If I were still a Women's Studies student I'd want to write a film paper on that baby. For sure.

Also, I am overwhelmed and delighted with the quality of work people are sending us at blossombones. I've been reading digital chapbook submissions and I'm blown away. Blown away I tell you. Beautiful, beautiful work.

I wanted to wait until we close up the submission period for fall before sending acceptances, but I'm not sure I can wait that long. Stay tuned....

Plus...It's time for a gratitude post! (Yeah, I have my fluffy moments...)

Top 10 Things I'm Digging Right Now

1. Collaborative poetry

2. Mango Lemonade

3. Pathogenesis by Peggy Munson

4. Anything to do with cyborgs

5. Summer dresses

6. New pens and pencils

7. Reading mystery novels in the wee hours of the morning

8. Wearing my husband's bathrobe

9. Old photographs

10. Laughing so hard that my throat is hangover-dry the next day

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