Monday, November 21, 2011


This stunning cover art was created by Renee Alberts and will (soon, very soon) lend an extraordinary bit of beauty to my new chapbook, A Wicked Apple, forthcoming from the super-awesome-and-fabulous Hyacinth Girl Press.

This makes me happy.

In other news: it's vacation week! I'm getting paid to stay home! I feel just like Tyler Durden.

I won't be making soap from stolen body fat or anything, but whatever. There will be much cooking, cleaning, and errand running, because I'm fabulous like that and my life is so incredibly glamorous.

I do plan to catch up on my netflix queue of horror...

I thought this one was actually really creepy. I was expecting it to suck. It didn't.

I do, however, wish they had thought to include subtitles for the conversations in Polish. What's up, moviemakers?

Oh! P.S. I'm attempting to play with Twitter again. I have no idea why. Nevertheless, you might follow me. Linkage, (scroll wayyyyy down) stage right ----->

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