Friday, January 14, 2011

purple dresses and cat's head biscuits

So, I love the steampunk jacket but it just doesn't suit my dress for the brothel. Alas. I will make something work for tomorrow. I will! I plan to wear a glamorous headpiece and something purple so it's all going to be okay. I have to leave for work shortly but I would rather read books and take a hot bath and wear pajamas and maybe drink some red wine and have a fire going in the fireplace but this is all too decadent so instead I will do other things and then I will come home and fold laundry and crap like that. I found a recipe for something called Cat's Head Biscuits and I want to make them because they look big and fluffy and slightly craggy and no cats will be harmed in the making of said biscuits, just buttermilk. They would be awesome baked in a cast iron skillet, yes? Oh yes.

I am nitpicking my way through the last handful of poems for the winter issue of blossombones and then we're on hiatus until August. HIATUS! I like the sound of that word. I need to de-stress. I am a tangle of knots and weirdness. Also: I am still an aquarius, no matter which zodiac calendar you follow. This makes sense to me.

Watching: Eurkeka, Farscape, Season 1

Reading: Too much freaking email

Feeling: Wiggy

Scary Vending Machine Item of the Week: A microwaveable burger, aptly named "Big Az" and topped with a cheeselike substance.

for real.


Kathleen said...

I'm sure you will find another opportunity for the steampunk!

I supposedly moved from Pisces to Aquarius but was always a bit a both, on the cusp.

I just ate some crackers made with wine. With wine. They tasted a little biscuits.

Susan said...

Ah. My rising sign is Pisces, which is just as significant as one's sun sign, anyway.

I like crackers AND wine, but I'm not so sure about crackers made WITH wine. I'm picturing little purple discs.....