Sunday, December 19, 2010

Random xmas angst

Today I went to the supermarket after work and bought a (small!) turkey. I was stoked at first but I've never actually made a turkey and now I'm having second thoughts. It's just the three of us on xmas eve so this will be a grand experiment. (It's just like cooking a really big chicken, right?)

I'm making a big dinner again for family on xmas day. I'm going to have too many leftovers and it's totally freaking me out. Why do I do these things? Also: I think I have food hoarding issues. I bought two bottles of molasses and came home only to find I already had a bottle and a half in the pantry. I am a weirdo. Like, am I afraid of running out of molasses? Really?

I am perpetually exhausted or narcoleptic. I have not wrapped anything.


Kathleen said...

Joy of Cooking helps me with many questions. (I am cooking challenged.) Molasses cookies!!

Brandi said...

Hey, did you see that Cyborgia made a Best of 2010 list??


Susan said...

Kathleen, I am a big fan of Joy of Cooking (and molasses cookies!) too :)

Brandi, holy cow, that's awesome! I had no idea! Yay!!!!