Thursday, October 28, 2010

& etc.

My stomach has developed this strange habit of waking up very angry and knotting itself up inside for hours & hours. It might be an ulcer. Or an alien fetus, because it's possible I really was abducted by aliens & just don't remember. I am drinking black tea with honey & hoping for the best.

Recap of last ten days:

Leek-potato soup

Wasp in the house

Family drama

Knee socks

Interdimensional travel to alternate universes


Buttered popcorn and Mexican Coke

Cuss words

Dirty dishes



Kathleen said...

Glad you are back. Wasp (alien) in the house, eh?

Book has arrived. Clearing a space (alien) in my mind (and giant purse) for it!!

Nick Thomas said...

Well come on now, leek-potato soup, Buttered popcorn and Mexican Coke .... what ya expect? :)

Susan said...

The alien fetus demands to be fed. It likes popcorn.

Also: Hope you enjoy the book Kathleen!!