Tuesday, December 9, 2008

--tag--(I'm it!)

Via Brooklyn, (i.e. our lady of bloggerdom) six things I value...

1.) My family. I'm pretty sure most mothers would start off with family / child(ren). Okay, so I'm not being terribly original here, but without a doubt, I have to lead off with my family. They keep things interesting. I value being a mother, especially--what I've learned, how it's shaped my life and my work.

2.) All the wonderful, creative women in my life. The poets, writers, artists and other lovelies who inspire me. I'm grateful for both their work and their friendship.

3.) Solitude. Yeah, maybe that sounds strange on the heels of saying I value the people in my life so highly, but it's all about balance. Without solitude, I couldn't appreciate my family and friends, and (naturally) vice-versa. I also believe that a certain amount of solitude is necessary in order to incorporate the creative spirit into one's everyday life. So: I value the time I spend in my own company.

4.) Technology. This may seem odd, but it's a huge part of our lives, isn't it? Without it, I wouldn't feel as connected to the world of poetry & art & all things interesting (via the blogsphere, email, online journals, even B&N online and such things.) Think about it.

5.) The storytelling impulse. (In both others and in myself.) This can manifest as a film, a photograph (worth a thousand words, right?), a novel, a poem, maybe even a web site. (Yes, especially a web site!) To be human is to want to tell a story...Or listen to one.

6.) The present moment. It's all we have, really.


And now, just for fun, here's six things I value--the "B" side:

1.) Comfortable shoes

2.) Books, books, books

3.) Peel-n-stick stamps (No licking!)

4.) Home-cooked food

5.) Dogs & cats

6.) Unexpected kindnesses


Crikey! Am I supposed to tag someone now? Perhaps the lovely Nicole, as she visited me here most recently...

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Brooklyn said...

Home cooking. Sigh.