Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Full Moon Night

Please check out the new issue of Dante's Heart: Full Moon Night!

It's a wonderful collection of both fiction and poetry that explores wolves and wolf folklore--just in time for Halloween!

I am delighted to have two poems in this issue: "Postmodern Werewolves" & "Little Red and the Robot Wolf"

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

loved these poems, susan, esp. the take on that little red. and your denis leary post completely changes my mind about him--he used to be so funny. alas. i shall boycott him forthwith! and read your poems again & again.

Susan said...

Thanks, Nicole! I'm glad you enjoyed the poems :)

RE: Leary

I used to think he was funny, too. While he claims his comments have been "taken out of context" I personally cannot imagine a context in which they would be acceptable! (Naturally, he suggests one read the whole book to get his real gist--Not gonna happen.)

It bugs me to no end when celebs think they know about EVERYTHING just because they're famous. Ugh.