Friday, June 6, 2008

rites of passage

So, yesterday was the big day. Over 800 kids walked across the stage, and Z was one of them.

I got a little teary at Pomp and Circumstance, but otherwise, I was just kinda hot & uncomfortable, and very, very proud of Z.

We didn't get many pictures afterward, because by the time we found him amongst the crowd of several thousand people, it was dark. *sigh*

Today, I feel just plum- wrung out. Glad it's over. Sad it's over. And a little (oddly) at loose ends.

I think that all throughout school (high school, college, etc...) graduations seem so far off...and by the time we get there, it's gratifying, yet somehow anticlimactic. I felt the same way when I finally finished my BA. The anticipation was rather thrilling, but life afterward was not so very different.

I'm rambling of course. Who really knows what lies ahead for any of us?


Anonymous said...

congrats on the big, um, dark walk! life is always as it was, will be? nothing changes with each degree!
thanks for the add & for the blossombones!


Susan said...

Many thanks, Nicole!

and thanks for contributing some absolutely fabulous poems, too!