Monday, March 17, 2008

gettin' eggy

With the approach of Easter / Ostara, I find it interesting that Ghostie (our pet cockatiel ) is now laying eggs. Again.

I don't think she's particularly fond of having her picture taken. She's a cutie, though.

At any rate, I will have to try and sneak the egg out while she's not looking, because she rolls it around on the floor and hovers over it until it cracks and leaks, which is rather yucky.

In non-pet related news, I'm posting a reminder that we're accepting submissions for the summer 08 issue of blossombones through May 1st. Anything submitted after 5-1 will be considered for the winter issue.

If anyone is interested in submitting a poetry review, be sure to contact Melissa! We would be interested in publishing reviews in the prose section, which tends to be a little thin!

I am also constructing a blogroll of writers, artists, and other generally kickass people on the sidebar here. If anyone would like a link--especially if you have contributed work to blossombones--please drop me an email and I'll add your blog to the list! (Send your request to susan [at] blossombones [dot] com.)

I also just found out that I will have some poems in Thieves Jargon this week, which is very cool news! I'll post a link when they go online.

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